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Damage caused by leak from flat above.

Immediate response with next day slot, on time, experienced, described hidden risk, attentive to details, provided recommendations what to be done before remedial works commence, comprehensive report same day, competitive pricing.

The report is very helpful for my solicitor (for litigation) and for myself as a guidance for further steps and risks.

I would strongly recommend this service and use it again hopefully for something else more pleasant like buying a house.

Alexander Bulygin

Mr Antino is an exemplary professional and a credit to the Property Professionals Services Industry. I would instruct him as a party wall surveyor again.

Alexander Levinger

Mr Antino helped us with a boundary dispute. He is thoroughly professional and seriously knows his stuff! If I ever need a party wall surveyor again I shall be calling him.

Amy Carr

Mr Antino is an acknowledged expert in the field of party wall issues.

HH Judge Murfitt QC

I have known Philip for many years as a surveyor – he is a very good party wall surveyor, and, as this book shows, he is a very good author and this book can only advance his reputation.

HH Judge Philip Bartle QC

In the appeal of an ex-parte Award served by Mr Antino on behalf of the respondents, HHJ Platt held “In my judgment the respondent is correct. Mr Antino’s contention that “it is not a matter for negotiation directly between one surveyor and the other surveyors client”. Since I have determined that the ex-parte Award was valid the court is still able to determine the Award and under the statutory powers to modify the Award if appropriate. I am grateful to Mr Antino suggesting that I now determine the Award issue and I accept that Mr Antino’s hourly rate is not in my judgment unreasonable. It follows that the fee set out in the ex-parte Award had been properly justified and I therefore award Mr Antino’s fees.

HH Judge Platt

The party wall world is relatively small, the stage of this world contains a number of world known players. Mr Antino is one of these well known players and so are his owners instructing solicitor Mr Ashley Bean of littlestone cowan.”

Master Bailey sits in the TCC and was appointed an Assistant Recorder in 1992, a Recorder in 1997 and has been a Circuit Judge (SE Circuit) since 2000, presently representing London civil judges on the Committee of the Council of Circuit Judges. He has written books on insolvency law and is the English representative on the Judicial Wing of Insol-Europe.

HHJ Bailey

We have spent a year defending our property rights against neighbours who had complete disregard for them. Thankfully, we appointed party wall surveyor, Mr Antino from the very beginning and cannot thank him enough. He has behaved with integrity, professionalism and his expert knowledge of the party wall legislation is exemplary. We highly recommend Mr Antino's services to anyone who has concerns about building or protecting their property using the party wall legislation, whether building owner or adjoining owner. He has remained impartial and steadfast throughout.

J Taylor

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