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Cowboy builders put their lives at risk

There is a reason why certain builders have a reputation for being cowboys and perhaps this photograph is a good indication of just how ridiculous some of the lengths contractors will go to, to cut corners on jobs.


This scaffolding (for want of a better description) comprises of an assemblage of reclaimed timbers and some scaffold boards jerry rigged to extend across this first-floor canopy roof. The contractor then proceeded to render the front elevation first floor walls, and decorate thereafter.

It seems absolutely ridiculous that someone has such low regard for their own safety and life. This contraption/configuration creates so many issues that would be obvious to any person even those not operating within the construction industry that it is dangerous and unsecure. Why would they want to put their lives at risk?

Well two reasons, one they are simply stupid and have no regard for their own life, or they have charged for scaffolding but then decided to save money, keeping it in their pocket and jerry rigged this arrangement.

I have to say if it is the latter then it does not matter how much money you have in your pocket, if you are dead, you are dead.

There but for the grace of God goes this contractor on this occasion. However, Murphys law is such that if you do something often enough then sooner or later it will go wrong. It is therefore perhaps only a matter of time before this contractor has a serious injury, hopefully not fatally. Where is H&S when you need them?

If a contractor was to put this on the outside of your house, you should immediately stop him and disengage him because anyone who has such disregard for his own life, will have even less regard for the quality of the work to your property.

As Forrest Gump said “stupid is as stupid does”.

I do not think I will ever be surprised at the stupidity (perhaps ingenuity) of some people. I hope this helps persuade some builders that this is simply not appropriate.

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